• On July 28, 2016

Did You Know…

  • …as you heard the rich tones of the organ, that it was recently rebuilt thanks to a designated Foundation fund for the organ?


  • …the Dominica School and Orphanage in the Dominican Republic was saved from “going under” by grants from the First Community foundation, and the majority of the school and orphanage’s operating budget is now paid for by ongoing grants from the foundation, thereby providing education, meals and housing to hundreds of children in need?


  • …as campers’ laughter fills the air and friendships form, that some of those campers, including children from our refugee families, are at Akita with scholarships from the Foundation?


  • …that persons within our community have had food on the table, because Heart to Heart has provided it….and some of that food (as well as the Heart to Heart truck) is from Foundation funds?


  • …a family has a new home thanks to Habitat for Humanity and a donor’s fund in the Foundation?


  • …a new fire alarm system is one of many necessary major repairs that no one ever sees, but it was funded by the Foundation?


  • …expenses of Spiritual Searcher speakers are partially covered with a Foundation grant?


  • …that the orchestra and other expenses of Morning Song are covered by a fund established for that purpose?


With grateful hearts for these recent projects, we benefit from the Foundation gifts of those who went before us and provide for us today.