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First Community Village Benefits from Foundation Funds

A Life Well Lived… 

You plan, you save, you work hard, you give back and before you know it, you realize you are in the final chapter of life.  And, you are now faced with the reality that your life lived well is becoming financially difficult; in fact, you fear you may run out of resources.

This is the case for many older adults in the United States.  Residents of First Community Village (“FCV”) are not exempt.  

As a matter of fact, this has been and is currently the case for a few who call FCV home.  For Elizabeth and Gracie (fictitious names) – both are over 100 years old and both widowed and they have been residents of FCV for nearly 30 years collectively.   They worked, planned, saved and now they are not able to cover their daily expenses.  They’ve outlived their family, friends and resources.    What do they do?   Will they have to move?  The burden is stressful.  One said, “I must be a loser because I have run out of money. “  My reply, “No, Gracie, you are not a loser, you have lived a long and giving life. “ 

Since its origin, FCV has a policy of not asking anyone to leave.   First Community Foundation has three funds created to help support the needs of First Community Village.  These funds were created many years ago by, William & Evelyn Boggs, Ralph & Mary Johansmann, and Lillian & Shirley Wheeler.  These funds provide support for the needs of residents who have exhausted their personal funds and for capital improvement at the Village.  

First Community Foundation is grateful for the generosity and forethought of those individuals who created these funds and the donors that continue to make gifts into those funds. In 2018 First Community Foundation granted $13,280.00 to First Community Village Foundation to support those residents who have outlived their resources and an additional $3,153.00 was granted to provide assistance for the installation of electric door openers to improve access for those with mobility issues and disabilities.

By Suzan Nocella, Dir. of Resource Development, First Community Village Foundation

If you are interested in providing support for this noble cause please contact Paul Anderson at (614) 488-0681, ext 287 or email him at panderson@FCchurch.com

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