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Foundation Gifting for First Community’s Greatest Needs

By Chris Montgomery

First Community Foundation appreciates the generosity of everyone who provides gifts large and small. Donations are used to support the ministries and missions of First Community Church. Most Foundation gifts are given in memory or tribute of someone or to support one of the more than 90 funds comprising its portfolio. Legacy gifts have had a profound impact for decades on the church missions and programs.

As the Foundation Board plans for future needs of the church, you should expect it to prepare for the unexpected. With aging facilities at both campuses, our current gift emphasis is raising undesignated funds. This type of gift is directed to areas of greatest need, often emergency needs of the church, rather than a specific church mission or program. 

Examples of undesignated funds the Foundation has granted for unanticipated church needs: new heating and air conditioning units, security systems, and what would the church have done without the Foundation’s undesignated funds when the church needed emergency repairs of its natural gas line at South Campus?What can you do? Make an undesignated donation by check or on-line. If you have questions about ways your undesignated gift will have the greatest impact, contact the Foundation Office at 614-488-0681, ext. 263.

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