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Foundation Helps Feed Those At-Risk at Home

By Lynne Ayres

Last year, LifeCare Alliance’s Meals-on-Wheels Under-60 program experienced funding cuts. The result would have reduced the number of daily deliveries of nourishing meals to Columbus residents under the age of 60 who are homebound or living with a medical challenge and/or disability.

First Community Foundation approved a $5,000 grant from the Lynne W. Ayres donor advised fund which aided 714 Lifecare Alliance clients with uninterrupted meals service, regardless of ability to pay and without being assigned to a waiting list. LifeCare Alliance’s final grant report stated, “We work in concert with First Community’s Heart to Heart pantry in solving our community’s food insecurity challenges. Without access to the basics like food, the result is often homelessness.”

The Foundation Board thanks the many donors whose funds support the grants awarded. For more information about making a gift to the Foundation, or to learn more about its activities, please contact Paul Anderson at 614-255-3186 or [email protected]