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Recognized Gifts

Donor Recognition

Donors who wish to establish a special fund or make a planned gift to the Foundation should discuss their intentions with family members and their financial advisors and attorneys. The Director of the Foundation is available (614-488-0681 Ext. 287) to consult with the donors about their gift preferences and how to proceed. The donors’ wishes will be documented in a signed Gift Agreement and those wishes will always be honored by the Foundation.

The Foundation recognizes planned gifts through societies with the following member guidelines:

Legacy Society – consists of individuals who have included First Community Foundation in their planned giving since tracking began in 2010.  

Lifetime Heritage Society – made up of individuals who have given cumulative gifts totaling $25,000 or more since 2010.

Sustaining Heritage Society – an option for individuals who have given cumulative gifts totaling $2,500 or more in the current calendar year. 

Historical Heritage Society – these individuals/couples are recognized for being among the Society’s first donors to invest in the Foundation.