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What Would Be Missing Without Foundation Support?

Donors with the foresight to invest gifts or establish legacy funds to address the long-range needs for our church’s properties and programs have had a huge Impact for nearly 75 years. Here’s a snapshot of the hundreds of Foundation grants from donor gifts approved in recent years, totaling million dollars.

Table of Contents

Camp Akita

More than 20 of the Foundations 90 funds are designated to support scholarships, programs and facilities at Camp Akita. Millions of dollars have been directed to the Camp including the following:

  • Purchased a 10 passenger cargo van to transport campers
  • Purchased a tent to provide a space where we can continue the operations of summer camp in a COVID safe manner ($16,000)
  • Annual Camper and Counselor scholarships ($15,000 in 2019). Our no-camper-is-turned-away-due-to-ability-to-pay philosophy makes it possible for many children of refugees to attend.
  • New mattresses for campers and counselors in cabins and the Lodge
  • HVAC systems for Toad Hall and Bent Nail cabin; replacement of Sky Valley’s roof and Dogwood’s floor
  • New furnishings for the Akita Cafe 
  • Replacement of seating in each wing of Akita’s Lodge and entrance way ($9,000)
  • Partial purchase of land adjacent to Akita property ($27,000)
  • Handrails and stairs for safety up and down our hills
  • Purchase of Back Country Tents ($4,500)
  • Purchase of Big Willy water slide and Adventure Equipment
  • AV equipment for educational purposes and purchase of internet access equipment 
  • Purchase of Rough Terrain Vehicle ($5,000)
  • Contribution toward purchase of truck that has snowplow and towing capabilities ($25K from Solis, Akita Maintenance Endowment and Sutphin Fund)
  • Tree Removal of dying Ponderosa pines ($8,200) and stump grind ($4,000)
Camp Akita Transport Van
Tent Rental for 2021 Camp Session
Dominica School and Orphanage
Heart to Heart food pantry


  • Dominica School and Orphanage in the Dominican Republic was saved from “going under” by an FCC family’s commitment and assistance from their Foundation fund ($100,000+ annually)
  • Heart to Heart – purchase of food from Mid-Ohio Food Bank; annual commitment to assist Heart to Heart’s operating expenses
  • Habitat for Humanity – FCC’s participation in the NW Columbus Neighborhood Collaborative are aided to help put roofs over families’ heads
  • Back Bay Mission – $1,000 grant was provided to FCC volunteers who have traveled to Mississippi to help build homes and support Back Bay staff. Lessons Learned in Biloxi have been applied in Heart to Heart pantry methods.
  • First Community Village – electronic door openers for residents, sustaining funds for the benevolence of residents with financial challenges (up to $30,000 annually)
  • Pastoral Roses– More than $2,000 was provided to support baptismal ceremonies, new member services, hospital visits
  • Trading Post improvements – lighting and shelving upgrades; purchase of point-of-sale equipment 
  • Community Support Grants – for marketing of Godman Guild’s Bow Ties catering service, operational support for Columbus’ Furniture Bank, replacement of cuts to the Lifecare Alliance’s Under-60 Meals-On-Wheels program, The Homeless Families Foundation youth education programs, and Homeport low-income housing

Education Support

  • Seminary student support – expenses related to Sarah Kientz’ Master of Divinity degree as well as tuition and expenses for healthcare students.
  • Mary Evans’ Early Child Development Center – purchase of playground equipment  
  • Mexico trip – allows our youth to see poverty and inadequate housing. Allows them to aid in the building of new homes.
  • Spiritual Searcher and Burkhart Center for support for bringing renowned speakers to First Community
  • Young Adults Program – To support the development and implementation of a Young Adults Program.
Security System for Mary Evans' Early Childhood Development Center
First Community North Klais Organ

Worship and Arts

  • First Community South Organ – Rebuilding and repair 
  • First Community North Klais Organ – contributions toward its purchase
  • Special Choir Services (e.g. Morning Song, Evensong)
  • Search and transition and expenses related Senior Minister turnover.

Church Property Improvements & Maintenance

  • Crane Welcome Center courtyard landscaping expenses
  • North Welcome Center ($7K) for desk, signage, printed materials 
  • Painting of numerous classrooms
  • Flooring for pre-school classroom at South Room 209 ($6650.)
  • Hearing Loop equipment purchases for members with hearing disabilities
  • Emergency natural gas line repair at South ($71,000) 
  • HVAC system replacements for Wiest Room, Gallery Court, South Chiller ($135,000), Lincoln Rd. Chapel
  • Baptismal Font for North -design and construction (Guild X)
  • Safety/Security systems for both locations
  • New dishwasher (Guild 7 fund – $7,400)
  • Renovations/Irrigation to Share-and-Learn Memorial Garden
  • New Fire Alarm Panel and Modular units with installation 
  • New South library portable table and chairs ($4K total).
  • Support of the First Community North Columbarium construction
First Community North Columbarium
Baptismal Font for North Sanctuary

With grateful hearts, we thank those who have the wisdom and vision to support the ministries of First Community Church.