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August Foundation Update

Even the smallest gifts can be donated to a specific fund.

by Nacy Rummel, Foundation Board Member

Since it was founded in 1954, the First Community Foundation has opened its   checkbook to support the ministries of First Community Church. It has granted more than $6.8 million on life-changing programs and ministries throughout our community and the world in the last ten years.

Families, members, and friends support our Foundation, a separate non profit, for two important reasons: as a tax-deductible way to support church mission projects and ministry education beyond what the church operating fund can provide; and establish your lasting philanthropic legacy. People who have made First Community a vital part of their lives have this way to be remembered into the future.

Vital grants are provided by the Foundation in several focus areas, including local and international missions, fighting inequity; youth and adult education; minister training; the music program; social justice, nonviolence, peace efforts; facility upgrades; and Camp Akita. Paul Anderson, Executive Director of the Foundation, works carefully with donors to ensure that donations fund their passion.

“Even the smallest gifts can be donated to a specific fund,” Anderson says. Also, gifts can be unrestricted, so the Foundation Board has the flexibility to use the money where it is needed most.

Philanthropy through our Foundation is a way to strengthen the church and change the world. Giving back through the church makes it a team effort – we achieve more together. In 2020 the Foundation provided 28 grants totaling more than $628,658. These are investments in the future that we invite all to explore because the need is real. For more information, contact Paul Anderson.